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2013 yearly post.

2013-02-06 23:32:06 by ZombieMonkey

Since I seem to make these only once a year, I feel like I need a new post on my userpage again.

I've been saving up for a cintiq for a while now and I should be able to buy that by next week so that's kind of cool/ And hey! Maybe I'll actually finish an animation this year! (Probably not!)

But I'm trying to draw in Photoshop daily now, so I can get a new piece out every other week instead of monthly.

Talk to you guys next year!!!

Game in the works and other false promises.

2012-02-19 02:58:18 by ZombieMonkey

So how about this redesign? Brilliant I think.

Anyways, I started working on a game with an old friend of mine who is a beast at coding. I finished a lot of stuff for it already, and gave him plenty of material to work with so that he can work on the game's engine. And while that was happening I attempted to participate in the comic jam. After writing the comic I realised that this would be a lot more suitable for a flash move, so instead of colouring the sketches I immediately started making it into story boards.

So that is what is on my plate right now. I'm also constantly making music, but I never think that they are fully fleshed out enough to put on here. I might just put up something eventually.

And while you read this, here is some classy music to listen to by my favourite band.

Pirates and Islands.

2012-01-11 00:26:16 by ZombieMonkey

I have been kinda avoiding writing one of these because I don't really have anything interesting to say. So i guess I am just gonna write about what I am working on at the moment and give all 6 of you the false hope that I may actually finish them.

I have a pirate themed flash that is me basically animating to egoraptor's pirate day audio submission. So all humor and creativity points will go to him on that one.

I also have an idea about a man who gets stuck on a small island(original amirite?) and shows his slow descent into hilarious(?) madness.

Also I have this one film idea that I have been toying with for about a year now, but I can never get the point and character designs for everyone 100% right. I really want to work on this one because I am fondly attached to the design of it's main character and he idea the surrounds the whole movie.

And for one last thing, I apologize again to all six of you for the lack of any new art but my tablet's nib finally gave out after two years and the replacement will hopefully be here by the end of this week so I can finally get back into gear and pretend I am working on stuff.

Now I must get back to watching netflix and playing minecraft, Good Bye.


2011-12-21 02:10:11 by ZombieMonkey

I'm making some shitty anti-sopa art on live stream. Tune in if you want.

I'm alive!!! Sorta...

2011-10-31 19:23:15 by ZombieMonkey

Well it has been way over a year since I posted something here.

As you may ahve noticed I have put up a couple pieces of art sinc emy last post. I have been trying to work on my portfolio for college and I'm working hard to get that going.

The Carnival thing is still in the works, but it has been unfortunately been halted due to me leaving all my music equipment on the other side of the country. I have at least 5 tracks ready for mastering right now but I'm putting that on the shelf for now. I still really want to work on it, but sadly I can't at the moment :(

And the last thing; I have a new flash movie idea for wich I'm currently doing designs for, but won't start animating on till I get my new computer( And that's about 2 weeks from now)

Well that's all that has been going on workwise, and thanks for reading!!

Hello again! It's been about half a year since i made a news post so I thought that I would update you on some stuff I have been tinkering on.

So I think it's about time I tell you guys what this whole "secret concept album" extravaganza is about. I had the idea for this about 10 or so months ago, during a time when I was really depressed. The album is basically about this Carnival called Carnivalee Freakshow. This Carnival is basically a the manifestation of all the nightmares and problems caused by humanity eg; War, poverty, pollution, gambling( Which Definitely will be a song since it IS a Carnival after all and there's all these game stands where you ALWAYS lose money) and other kinds of stuff. So the album will basically take the listener through this carnival and the characters that reside in it. Basically think of Plastic Beach but a little more wider in it's themes.

I have been writing loads and loads off things for this unfortunately I cannot record them anymore since my recording microphone got destroyed and this computer is shit anyways and I want to wait till I get myself something decent to run. This computer is an absoluter piece of shit meaning that just the fact that I move my mouse in flash can make it crash.

Animation wise, I have been slowly working on Hania's song Bicycle robot day on and off. By that I mean I hope I work on in it and I hope it doesn't crash on me. I f it does I rage quit and tend not to work on it for the rest of the day.

SO right now I'm trying to bust my ass trying to find myself a job so that I can get my shit together so that I can buy myself a computer and decent equipment for all these projects.

Wish me luck!

PS: Going to see Gorillaz on October 14th in Toronto. I can't fucking wait!!!

2010 and edit bouton

2010-01-26 17:45:33 by ZombieMonkey

So yeah new decade and still the same rubbish as every year.

The Music thing is going well and smooth. I should have about 3 demos out in February. I already ahve a couple of people of mind I want to collaborate with. I still have to contact them but I want to show them material first. I have a couple of directions I want to go with it and thanks to the new Collaboration forum I might just be able to take them there.

Art wise I have been experimenting with a couple of paintings but I have no idea hwo to get them on here since they are too big for my scanner :(

Also the new edit bouton in the forums is VERRRYY useful. thank god they finally implemented it ;)

P.S. I gave up on drinking Cola and started drinking tea! That is all.

2010 and edit bouton

Merry Christnukahwanza

2009-12-19 20:50:34 by ZombieMonkey



I haven't really touched flash in a while, it just crashes my computer after a couple of thousand frames as I found out with the Halloween movie. So I'm not going to go really far with that right now.

But if you have followed me on my art thread, I have been doing drawings here and there, one of which is Christmas related and done!

You remember that music project I have talked about a couple of posts ago? I think it was three posts, I'm not sure. Well that thing has been going and nice and slowly. I have a couple of melodies going on put up to a couple of lyrics. I think the working title right now is going to be Carnivalee Freakshow. It's going to be a concept album and It's going to be one hell of a pop record! Now the word "pop" has been thrown around lately, but do not fret. Bowie, Gorillaz, The Beatles, Barry Gibb, world music, and all that kinda stuff is the influence on this. I still believe Kayne West is a gay fish. I hope I can post up a couple of demos soon, but I won't make any promises.

Over the next school semester, I'm gonna have a good reason to go back to flash thanks to my animation class. Hope he will let me do what i want instead of re-learning what I've learned 4 years ago...

Expect more art and stuff..
Merry Christnukahwanza and happy new year.

Halloween cartoon in works.

2009-10-12 22:12:52 by ZombieMonkey

Well it's official, I'm working on a Jimmy and Jerry Halloween special. Thank god Tomamoto is such a fast and awesome voice actor, or I still would be recording. I started animating today and hope I will be able to finish before the Halloween deadline. I'm gonna try a more frame by frame aproach for this one to see how it works out with me.

Wrote the script 2 days ago, tI sent Tomamoto a request at 6:30 pm to Voice act, After I got back From the Toy Story double feature all the lines are there. The next day I recorder my lines and stared character design. Today I started animating and backgrounds(ugs god I hate them). I think I'm heaving a steady progress.

PS: Here is the first frame.
PSS: the red line son the pic are guidelines for the frame.

Halloween cartoon in works.

5 years ago...

2009-10-09 15:55:11 by ZombieMonkey

5 years ago today I signed up on Newgrounds as an 11 year old( don't judge me. You did it too.) after lurking it for 2 years. I really want to thank Newgrounds for allowing me to publish my work for free on here and help me grow as I do it. i don't think I would have ever got into animation at this early age if it wasn't for this place. The site changed so much and became so much more user friendly over the past couple of years. I still remember the spam ads they had everywhere on the front page and we would all just cope with it.
Then the redesign arrived and since then the rest is very well know.

Well enough history class, Sorry I'm so inactive these days but Grade 11 university Math and Chemistry can really kill you. That side music thing has been halted for 10 or so days since Tom is out at the Bahamas. We dropped Jim and Jerry for a while until we can come up with a decent script for it. I had a brainstorm idea which I may use for it though.

And Now here is my Halloween costume. (I am not bulshitting. I'm posting pics as soon as I am done painting it.)

5 years ago...