Entry #18

2013 yearly post.

2013-02-06 23:32:06 by ZombieMonkey

Since I seem to make these only once a year, I feel like I need a new post on my userpage again.

I've been saving up for a cintiq for a while now and I should be able to buy that by next week so that's kind of cool/ And hey! Maybe I'll actually finish an animation this year! (Probably not!)

But I'm trying to draw in Photoshop daily now, so I can get a new piece out every other week instead of monthly.

Talk to you guys next year!!!


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2013-02-07 17:58:00

First and last post of the year, huh? I wish I had the discipline to post that seldom. :D
Happy New Year!

(Updated ) ZombieMonkey responds:

It's not really a discipline. It's just that I don't have much going on because I'm a loser, so I don't really post about it.