Entry #1

New awesome website up

2007-07-18 19:42:54 by ZombieMonkey

Well I`m very happy yo announce that my new website is done. Me and my friend Matthew Auld Have worked very hard on it. he did most of the thing but I gave Pointers. I still have to put some stuff on it but its done. If something doesn't work (most probably the shoutbox) please contact me
or Matt

Well I hope everyone likes it.


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2007-07-18 19:48:45

It's alright.
You need to work on the format and banner a bit more, but good job so far.


2007-07-18 19:51:02

It's realy nice i like it =)

But the links in the hom section wont work,is it me or is it a somehing you ned to fix?

ZombieMonkey responds:

Im working on it right now. Sry >.<


2007-07-18 20:32:08

Less ads, moar depth.


2009-09-19 10:59:17

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